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Answered By: Emma Roeters
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015     Views: 3

In Microsoft Word Use the "Save As" Command. This procedure is similar to file conversion, but you are actually saving the file as another format, usually for the benefit of the person that will be opening the file.  This is useful when you are unsure of the application that the recipient will use to launch your word processing application (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.).

From the File menu, select the Save As command.  A dialogue box will open.  This is where you choose the options for saving the file in the new format.  There should be a ‘Save In’ or ‘File Location’ field.  Use this to determine where the file is to be saved, e.g. your hard drive or an external flash drive.

In the File Name field, name your file.  The default will be the same as the file was originally named.  However, you can rename the file if you prefer.

In the ‘Save as Type’ or ‘File Type’ select the file type that you wish to save the file as.  Your choices will range from Rich Text (.rtf), which is easily read by most word processing applications, to versions for other applications (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect), to earlier versions of an application (Word 97-2003 document).

Choose Save to complete the procedure.

If you are using Google Docs/Drive select File, Download As, and choose the file type you would like (PDF. DOCX etc.)